Plan Alerts

Roam Freely, Roam Safely

Plan Alerts is a convenient way to alert your friends and family if you get into trouble. Simply create an alert to describe your plans and who to contact if you don't check in on time. If you're overdue, we'll text and email your alert message and check-in history to your friends.

Use it anytime you want your friends to know where you've been if you don't get back on time. Whether you're going on a trip or going on a date with someone you don't know well, Plan Alerts has you covered.

While you're out you can send status and location reports via your mobile browser, text (SMS) or phone. You can even call from a borrowed phone or payphone to attach a voice note to your timeline. If you are past your deadline, we'll alert your friends with a link to your plans and timeline.

You can even register your passport or satellite locator beacon to enable embassy and search and rescue personnel to access your plans and checkin history.

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